Baloch activists protest military operation

MULTAN: Activists of Voice for Baloch Missing Persons (VBMP) held a demonstration outside the Multan Press Club on Thursday against the discovery of mutilated bodies from mass graves in Tootak, military operation, forced disappearance and extra-judicial killing of Baloch people.

Protesters, led by VBMP Chairman Mama Abdul Qadeer, chanted slogans against the United Nations and international media over their ‘silence’ at the discovery of mass graves.

They said the mass graves in Balochistan were not a new thing as in November 2010 a mass grave of Baloch people was found at a location between Pashin and Bostan while another such a grave was found on May 11, 2011, in Panjgoor.

They said their long march on Islamabad for the safe recovery of missing Baloch people seemed an exercise in futile as mass graves of Baloch people were being unearthed.

They demanded the bodies recovered from mass graves be identified through DNA tests.

Pakistan People’s Party activists, led by PPP South Punjab Secretary-General Amir Dogar, Seraiki nationalists, led by Mansoor Karim Sial, Muzaffar Magsi, Zahoor Dhareja, Syed Hasan Raza Razu Shah, Haider Javed Syed, Shaukat Mughal, Aslam Javed, Sajida Ahmad Langah and Rana Faraz Noon and activists of the Baloch Students Organisation welcomed the long march participants outside the press club.

Mama Qadeer alleged the operation against Baloch people was going on under the supervision of Chief Minister Abdul Malik Baloch.

“The chief minister is equally responsible for the abduction and killing of Baloch people,” he said.


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