Alarming deaths

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POLITICIANS, journalists and analysts may be in position to predict what can be there in future. The numbers and figures have become essential in a human’s life and career. The news report will not be valued if numbers are missing.

What is there in numbers and figures? Here I am trying to figure out the war between one group which is trying to hide the fact with numbers and figures and the other which is trying to bring out the fact with numbers and figures as well.

On the other hand I was anticipating good news from TV channels and news agencies in the beginning of 2014. I noticed that, the world has always had different visions and goals. It is really a matter of appalling after reading from different newspapers about discovery of around 150 dead bodies in a grave in Khuzdar, in Baluchistan, Pakistan.

More than 10 news agencies reported the news. For examples: Asian Human Right Commission has reported that more than 100 dead bodies from three mass graves were found in one district of Baluchistan.

The website has reported that, Halt ongoing Baloch genocide in Baluchistan and conduct the DNA analysis of 167 decomposed bodies recovered from Khuzdar.

The Tribune, a Pakistani newspaper, reported that Grisly find: Suspected mass grave discovered in Khuzdar. In the same way some other news agencies like BBC Urdu has reported in the same manner.

Who are they? Who killed them? Why they had been killed? These are the questions everyone is asking and trying to get accurate answers. It doesn’t matter for many people as this is not their business.

On the other hand, it does matter for that mother, sister, father, son, brother and a friend as the dead bodies found might be one of their loving ones.

This reminds me of a decade ago when I was reading the news about the death of around 5,000 Kurdish people who had been killed by the Saddam’s regime, while testing its chemical weapons. All these are inhuman behaviour and acts?

People might be having different demands in life and that is their right to ask and demand. Accepting and rejecting those demands can be the secondary by the second party, but simply killing and dumping people is not a wise decision.

It is really hot and shocking news. How do people see it? That is another question. Of course different professions have their different approaches. Politicians can easily play different games to obtain more votes in future elections, medical doctors can test and examine all those death bodies that what was the source of their income, journalists can produce different reports with different stories, analysts can say different and will take it as a case study, and novelists may take this news as their future novel story with different styles and names.

Still it has to be known that whether they were students, workers, religious people, political workers or farmers?

Discovering above 100 dead bodies in a mass grave, that really is a big story. The world is eager to know the real cause of this. One of the websites has written and reported that under the title “Mass grave unearthed in Baluchistan”.

This has reported that the bodies could be one month old. From the same report one of the officials has said that these bodies must be of those missing persons, where Farzana Majeed, the sister of Zakir Majeed is in her long march from Karachi to Islamabad, raising her voice in a democratic and peaceful way for missing people.

It is a great challenge for the government how to handle this case, as it doesn’t look easy and there is an expectation that the United Nations will do something on this, as suggested by some analysts.

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