Petitioning Ban Ki-moon: Halt ongoing Baloch genocide in Balochistan and conduct the DNA analysis of 167 decomposed body recovered from Khuzdar

Enforce disappearances in occupied Balochistan is continuing at an accelerating speed, for the last ten years not a single day’s sun set without any disappearances news. Pakistan’s army and it’s security agencies are conducting the most brutal military operations on civilians. In order to justify the atrocities on Baloch nation, Pakistan army triggers extremist outfits such as Lashkar-e-Jhangvi to destabilise the situation in Balochistan by targeting Hazaras to launch military operations on Baloch people in using the name of “tackling terrorist”. Voice for Baloch Missing Persons (VBMP) chair person, Qadeer Baloch recorded the data of at least 18000 Baloch that were made enforcly disappeared and the list of missing, killed and dumped persons are available on VBMP’s website.


The situation in Balochistan gets very less media coverage, Pakistani media is ordered and pressurised by intelligent agencies to void depicting the stories from Balochistan and wishes to utilise local media to serve army’s purposes to divert the attention of civilised country regarding the issue of Baloch freedom movement.

Qadeer Baloch, staged protest and hunger strikes for almost four years asking human rights organisations such as United Nations and Amnesty international to intervene and halt the ongoing Baloch genocide performed by Pakistan army and its supported outfits in Balochistan, and one of many kind is Shafiq Mengal, whom abducts kill and dump Baloch people on call of Pakistan army and then walks freely front of FC’s eyes.

VBMP initiated a long march from Quetta to Islamabad covering over 2000 kilometre, on the way Qadeer Baloch has been threatened by ISI officials to abandon the long march or else face the circumstances. Qadeer refused to halt and continued the long march, as a result on 25/01/2014 three mass graves were found in Tootak area of Khuzdar, Balochistan containing 17, 5 and 145 bodies in each grave. All these dead bodies are of Baloch missing persons. These bodies were discovered by a shepherd. More mass graves are feared to be found but Pakistan Army; in order to hide its crimes is not leaving any civilian or media outlet to visit these Mass Graves. Anyone trying to access the area comes under heavy fire of Pakistani Army. The Pakistani media is also criminally silent on this issue. The Baloch genocide is one of the biggest genocides of 21st century.

Judiciary and Human Rights Watch should press the government to carry out a transparent investigation into this humanitarian issue. We urge the United Nations, Amnesty International and all Human Rights organisations to intervene in Balochistan to put an end to the ongoing Baloch genocide, as well as pressurising Pakistan to release all of 18000 Baloch missing persons from Pakistani torture cells and analysing the DNA of these 167 decomposed bodies to their loved ones for identification purposes.

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