Parents appeal for their children’s safe and early release, one abducted from Chitkaan

Kech: The pabaloch-khan-dr-naseerrents of two Baloch students, abducted from Buleda area of Kech Balochistan on 15 January, have appealed for their children’s safe release on Friday.

According to details Pakistan FC has abducted students Baloch Khan, 18, son of Naseer Khan and Faisal, 20, son of Rafiq Baloch from Solo area in Buleda on Wednesday.

The family has confirmed the abduction of boys and said that they had gone to Turbat for some domestic work but the Pakistan FC has abducted them.

The families of children have appealed to Human Rights organisations to take notice of abduction of their loved ones.

They said: “Our children’s life is in danger because when Pakistani FC abducts children, then their mutilated bodies are found.”

The parents said that their children have not committed any wrong doing.

Their only crime is that they are Baloch.

They appeal the United Nations and other international humanitarian organisations to play their role for the safe release of their children.

Meanwhile, another man named Abdul Qadeer son of Hammal resident of Gichk has been abducted from Chitkaan Bazar.

His whereabouts were unknown until the filing of this report.

Baloch Warna

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