Documentary on Balochistan selected for international film festival

A short film “reappearance of a nation” on historical background of Balochistan has been selected for an international film festival.

The film is about the history and occupation of Balochistan which lead to current conflict (war of liberation) against Pakistan.

Four students from Middlesex University London have documented the film.

Omran Baluch and Abdolaziz Alfuriah have directed, produced and edited the film whereas two European students, Marius Ulevicius and Alja Gosev, have worked as Cameramen, sound producer and graphic designer.

Khan of Kalat Suleman Daud, British human rights activists Peter Tathell and American senator Dana Rohrabacher have been interviewed in this documentary.

The film also contains the story of a Baloch victim who was arrested and tortured in Balochistan by Pakistani security forces but later released.

More details about this important documentary will be posted later.

It is worth mentioning here that it is the first ever film on Balochistan which has been selected for an international festival. It is hoped that the documentary film will help bring the issue of Balochistan to the limelight.

[Baloch Warna]

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