Long March under the leadership of Mama Qadeer Baloch is a Historic and Peaceful Protest: BSO Azad

There is no example of such a peaceful, tolerant, and painful Long March in the history of Mankind: Spokesperson


BALOCHISTAN: The Spokesperson of Baloch Students Organization (Azad) had issued a statement stating that the Occupied Pakistani Forces on Baloch Motherland since beginning adopted brute force to oppress the Baloch People and most extreme tactic so far is the enforced disappearances, torture, kill and dump. So far State agencies have abducted more than 18000 Baloch which include Men, women and Children, who are facing inhumane torture in State owned torture cells.

Since last 5 years, 1500 Baloch missing persons, intellectuals and political activists are extra judicially killed and dumped on road sides. Keeping in view it is evident that the lives of the remaining missing persons are in extreme danger in the custody of Pakistani Security forces and Intelligence agencies. Voice for Baloch Missing persons is struggling for the safe recovery of their loved ones and for this purpose they had organized peaceful sit in protests, token hunger strikes, and demonstrations since a long time.

VBMP had launched a long march in October 2013 from Quetta which covered 750 KM by foot to Karachi and in its second phase this long march is proceeding towards Islamabad from Karachi which is about 1500 KM. Now this long march has reached MORO city of Sindh on the 49th day of its journey which started from Quetta in October.

Mama Qadeer Baloch who is the vice president of the VBMP (also lost his son who was abducted for three years and later he found the mutilated dead body of his son) is getting severe life threats from intelligence and security agencies of Pakistan to end his long march and peaceful demonstrations for the recovery of Baloch Missing Persons. Due to all these threats it is feared that the unnatural state of Pakistan through its security establishment will harm the participants of the long march in order to end their struggle and silence their voices. Mama Qadeer Baloch in his press conference has once revealed that if he is ever harmed the security agencies of Pakistan should be held responsible for it.

Mama Qadeer initiated his long march after the increasing incidents of enforced disappearances, kill and dump, complete ignorance by the regional media agencies, indifference of human rights organizations and United nations towards this inhumane act of enforced disappearances. Despite of that the long march has reached in its 49th day but still the UN, Amnesty International, EU and other international bodies are silent over the issue which is questionable and criminal in nature. We request the international Community, Human rights organization Amnesty and other int’l bodies to intervene and help Mama Qadeer and VBMP in their struggle for Human rights.

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