International powers are trying to establish their influence in Balochistan: Banok Karima Baloch

kareema-baloch-bso-azaadThe meeting of the central committee of the BSO-Azad was chaired by the Senior Central Vice Chairperson, Banok Karima Baloch. The meeting focused on the performance of the BSO, regional and international political scenarios and on BSO’s future objectives and strategy. The Vice Chairperson said that because of greater inclinations towards national liberation, in Baloch society, because of successful campaigns lead by Baloch political parties and daring operations by Baloch resistance groups the Pakistani occupation has been forced to retreat to its ‘Bullet & Gold’ policy employed in Occupied Balochistan; bribe locals with monetary and political incentives -including licenses to murder, kidnap and pillage- kill anyone who resists, an example of which is the Occupations ‘Kill & Dump’ policy which has claimed the lives of a thousand Baloch political activists so far.

Banok Karima said that after failing to subdue the Baloch freedom struggle, enemies of an Independent Balochistan had renewed their efforts to suppress the national struggle; forming grand alliances that include drug lords like the notorious Imam Beel and Rashid Pathan, religious terrorist organizations like the Jammat-ud-Dawa/Lashkar-e-Tiaba, Pakistan Army backed warlords like Shafique Mengal, Aslam Bizenjo, Siraj Raisani and Sarfaraz Bugti, tribal chiefs like Sanullah Zehri, Khair Jan and Jam Kamal and pseudo nationalists like Dr.Malik, Hasil Bizenjo, Ahsan Shah and Akhter Mengal who are not only damaging the movement inland but abroad as well.

The deployment of religious extremist organizations disguised as earthquake relief missions, notable among which is the international terrorist organization Jamat-ud-Dawa run by Hafiz Saeed, is designed to enslave the Baloch through corrupting a secular Baloch society with religious intolerance; an attempt to cleanse the “Hearts and Minds” of the Baloch from patriotism. The refusal of Baloch masses to accept aid from such organizations and the Pakistani army and low candidate and voter turn-out in the recent local bodies elections, following the unsuccessful general elections, administered by the Pakistani government despite massive crackdowns against pro-freedom activists by the Pakistani authorities are contrary to the Occupation’s aims.

Karima also said that International powers are trying to establish their influence in Balochistan, China’s ambitious Gawader-Kashgar railway line, its nuclear and other agreements with Pakistan are aimed at controlling Balochistan’s resources to serve China’s national interests while on the other hand the United States, in a bid to secure a safe passage for the withdrawal of NATO forces from Afghanistan and to maintain the status quo by establishing its footprint on the strait of Hormuz, is engaging the Pakistani occupation. Saudi Arabia with the help of its wealth is trying to wage a proxy war against the Shia Iran by recruiting Sunni Balochs in sectarian outfits like the Jaish-e`-Adl in Western Balochistan and, with the help of the Pakistan army, in the Lashkar-e`-Jhangvi in Eastern Balochistan.

Atrocities against the Baloch are not limited to Pakistan; Iran with its imperialist nature wants to enforce the British Raj’s Goldsmith Line as permanent borders in accordance with which it is employing a policy of genocide in West Balochistan, many Balochs were executed in 2013 by the Iranian government for harboring nationalist sentiments.

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