Balochistan: Death squads shot and killed BNP (M) Khuzdar tehsil organizer

BNP FlagBALOCHISTAN: Reliable sources have confirmed the targeted killing of Rais Qudoos Mengal, organizer, BNP (M) Khuzdar tehsil in Balochistan. This incident occurred today (December 31, 2013) at night. He was target-killed in Khuzdar by the ISI/Taliban-linked death squad led by Shafique Mengal.

It is worth mentioning here that, only a few days ago it was claimed by the Pakistan government that all such groups operating in Balochistan (armed and licensed by the establishment as a counter measure to contain and eliminate Baloch nationalist forces) would be disarmed and stripped of power (license to kill with impunity).

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