Voice for Baloch Missing Persons long march reaches Hayderabad

Today was the 12th day of VBMP Long March from Karachi and 38th day from Quetta towards Islamabad. They started their march from Mir Mohammad Ali Talpur’s place in Hayderabad. The weather was cold and Windy with heavy traffic on roads because of Aushura.

Mir Mohammad Ali Taplur tweeted:

The Sindh government has not provided any security them despite the fact that intelligence agencies have been continuously been threatening Qadeer Baloch to cancel the march against enforced-disappearances and state atrocities.

The 73 year-old resilient Qadeer Baloch is, however, adamant not to give up the fight against injustice and abductions of our Baloch youth by state forces.

The Baloch Qaumi Movement has been with the March from Dahbigi.

Several Sindhi nationalist parties including JSMM (Shafi Burfat group), SNP, JSQM (Bashir Qureshi group) and many other people of all ages welcomed and joined the march.

They chanted slogans in support of Voice for Baloch Missing Persons Long March and for the release of all abducted Baloch and Sindhi activists. They also demanded justice and freedom.

Meanwhile Baloch women from Hayderabad and a group of Baloch Nationalists from Karachi also joined the #VBMPLongMarch to express their support with marching Baloch families.

The participants of the protest chanted slogans for the release of all abducted persons and called on United Nations to take action against human rights violations in Sindh and Balochistan.

It is pertinent to mention that Voice for Baloch Missing Persons, a representative organisation of the families of killed & dump policy of Pakistan and abducted Baloch, started their long march protest from Quetta on 27 November 2013.

They are protesting against ongoing abductions and under-custody murder of Baloch activists by Pakistani forces.

The VBMP says that military have abducted at least 18000 Baloch since the beginning of conflict in year 2000. Around 1500 people among them have been killed under-custody and their bodies were dumped in deserted areas across Balochistan.

The bodies of the victims bore marks of extreme torture and bullet wounds. According to medical reports the subjects were brutally tortured and their cause of the death could be severe torture but they shot after they died.

VBMP says also that at least a 1000 Baloch have been target killed by Pakistani forces and their hired gangs/death squads.

They are adamant to continue their struggle until the safe recovery of all abducted person from Balochistan.

Qadeer Baloch, vice chairman of VBMP said: “We will decide our future plan of action after we reach to Islamabad.” However, he reiterated that the march will continue and he will not be intimidated by threats.

[Baloch Warna]

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