Sindhis should welcome Baloch families of VBMP long march with their own: Shafi Burfat

Nationalist activists are directed to bid a warm welcome to the Voice for Baloch Missing Persons’ long march and its attendants across Sindh, wherever they pass. This was a status of JSMM Chairman Shafi Muhammad Burfat issued as a press statement. Sindhis should welcome Baloch families with their own. Alliance of Sindhis and Balochs is necessity of time. We have common enemy and joint struggle is the only way to get rid of it. He added

In his statement he said “All Sindhis, from children to old, men and women must bid a warm welcome with gifts of Ajrak to the attendants of VBMP long march and also take some steps in their long march as solidarity with our Baloch brothers. Sindhis must also present all Sindhi traditional gifts Ajrak, Ralli, Poti and other gifts by providing their historical hospitality to our Baloch guests.”

He further said that thousands of Balochs are missing since many years and number of missing persons and dumping of mutilated bodies is increasing day by day therefore it is ethical liability towards us to take every step with them and do a good favor to them in their long struggle for release of missing persons as it is our joint suffering. Therefore we must bid them warm welcome on our land.

He advised nationalist activists, especially JSMM activists of the adjoining districts to national highway, to provide food, shelter, protection and other facilities to the attendants’ of VBMP long march when they pass from these districts. JSMM activists are obligated to join them in the march.

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