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The Journey of Love Continues: Notes on VBMP Long March – Mir Mohammad Ali Taplur

Mir Muhammad Ali TalpurThe grueling historic long march by the relatives of Baloch missing persons and extra-judicially killed persons having started on October 27th finally reached Karachi on the 22nd of November. They spent 27 days on the road walking thirty kilometers or more daily without a break. They were no extreme sports practitioners who would easily survive the rigors of this walk but were ordinary folk women, children and men, Mama Qadeer is 70 year old and Ali Haider the wheelbarrow boy 10 years old, who survived this bitter test of their love and respect for their loved ones disappeared or killed by the Pakistani state under a systematic vicious ‘dirty war’ of which Baloch are victims. The blisters, the aches, the inconvenience, the cold, the blazing autumn sun did not deter these brave souls from surpassing Gandhi’s 390 kilometer Salt March of 1930. This march not only proved their love for their relatives but also their dedication to the cause those relatives died and disappeared for. Their march may be over but they and their supporters understand that the journey is far from over.
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