Pakistani forces attack Dera Bugti and abducted six people

File Photo

File Photo

DERA BUGTI, BALOCHISTAN: Pakistani forces conducted military offensives in Daypaal area of Dera Bugti and abducted at least six people.

The Pakistani forces have harassed women and children during the search operation and abducted six people including Lalo Bugti, Rafiq Bugti, Safdar Bugti and Mohammad Khan Bugti.

According to local media sources, the military officials set Lalo Bugti’s houses on fire after abducting him. Pakistan military personnel have also reportedly attacked houses of Marri Baloch people in Rakhni area of Balochistan on Monday (November 25, 2013) morning.

Local sources reported that no arrested were made but Pakistani military forces looted houses and took away valuables including motorcycle. Pakistan forces have misbehaved with Baloch women, harassed children and violated the sanctity of the houses.

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