Pakistani secret agencies abducted 70 years old M. Husain Baloch from Panjgur

PANJGUR, BALOCHISTAN: The Pakistani forces have reportedly abducted 70 years old Mohammed Husain Baloch by Pakistani Agencies from Panjgur district of Balochistan on Monday (November 18, 2013).

According to reports, Mohammed Husain Baloch is 70 years old abducted by Pakistani secret agencies from Panjgur along with 16 years old Sherdel Baloch, son of Dr. Abdul Samad Baloch.

Mohammed Husain Baloch was beaten up in front of his grand childrens before being abducted by Pakistani army. Mohammed Husain Baloch is also a hear patient. In 2011, Mohammed Husain Baloch’s younger brother Younis Baloch was killed and dumped by Pakistani secret agencies in Panjgur.

According to sources, Pakistani Army indiscriminately attacking civilians populations in the areas of Panjgur including Gramkan, Chitkan and Tasp. During the search operation by Pakistani army abducted 43 Baloch from Garmkan, Surdoo, Chitkan, Bonistan, and Sarikoran areas of Panjgur.

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