Remembrance Day of Baloch fallen heroes held in London

Remembrance Day-London-2013

London: Baloch Community London and IVBMP organised an event on the National Remembrance Day of Baloch heroes of liberation struggle at Cumberland Hotel in London on Wednesday.

A fair number of Baloch, Sindhi and other human rights and political activist attended the gathering to pay their respects and homage to Baloch national martyrs. The meeting began with Baloch national anthem and two minutes of silence in respect of thousands of Baloch men and women who laid their lives while defending Balochistan against foreign forces.

Baloch and Sindhi leaders and activists in their speeches have paid rich tributes of Baloch national heroes. They emphasised on the need of unity between Baloch and Sindhi nation and waging a united struggle against the occupying forces. They said Baloch and Sindhi have a common enemy which is the state of Pakistan.

Sindhi nationalist leader Dr Safdar Sarki said that Baloch national martyrs sacrificed their lives and everything they had for the sake of national liberation of Balochistan. He urged the Baloch and Sindhi activists and leaders to unite and intensifies their struggle for freedom of their respective countries. He said Baloch and Sindhi youth are an inspiration for their nation as they are doing their nation duty responsibility and according to the wish of their nations.

He said: “our grievances, our sorrows and our independence struggle are same and we are here to salute the heroes of liberation. The days of fascist Pakistan are counted and must it must withdraw its forces from Sindh and Balochistan. Let the Baloch and Sindhi to have their free Sindhudesh and Balochistan.”

Abdulla Baloch of Balochistan Raaji Zrombesh said Baloch men and women laid their lives for a cause which is a free Baloch country. He said: “We have gathered here remember martyrs and to renew our resolve to continue their mission until freedom.”

He said we also want to assure all those Baloch men and women in Balochistan who are struggling for independence that Baloch diaspora will continue to represent their aspirations to world. He said the path of freedom is hard where you can face many hurdles but success comes when one overcomes all the hurdles and maintain the flow of freedom struggle.

Dr Mostafa Baloch, co-ordinator of IVBMP in UK, said Baloch nation intensified their struggle for independence in recent years and that process will not stop until they reach to their goal. He said the Iranian and Pakistani state atrocities cannot go unnoticed anymore, adding that: “We have to collect every piece of evidence against these two fundamentalist states in order to bring them to justice.”

He said Pakistani and Iranian colonial system is much worse than the past empires that wanted to eliminate inhabits of native lands and loot their natural resources.

He said the only solution to stop Pakistani and Persian ‘Empires’ atrocities against Baloch people was democratic process let the Baloch and Sindhi and other occupied nations to determine their own fate. People from occupying forces have no right to decide the fate of Baloch, Sindhi and other oppressed nations.

“The Iranian and Pakistani state seeing their demise have lost their senses and they are now restoring to brutal and extremist ways against nations under their occupation,” Dr Mostafa Baloch said.

He said the Baloch and Sindhi nation should start planning for their future and organise themselves. Dr Baloch said: “We need to have a plan or road map to organise and prepare our nations to manage their country’s system after the freedom.”

Dr Hydar Lashari, a Sindhi nationalist, said that Pakistan illegally occupied Sindh and Balochistan and has been committing crimes against humanity since the occupation.

He said Sindhis have been struggling for their freedom since 1973 and the freedom struggle has intensified in recent years. Pakistan has abducted and killed several Sindhi activists and the leader of Jeey Sindh Mr Bashir Qurashi.

He also emphasised on need to unity between Sindhi and Baloch nation for the common purpose of freedom.

Raheem Bandoi of Balochistan Peoples Party said that Baloch nation was ready for sacrifices and struggling with national zeal but unfortunately the Baloch leadership has failed to use the energy of Baloch youth for collective benefit of Baloch and Balochistan.

Jamal Nasir Baloch said that the solution to Balochistan’s conflict was the unconditional withdrawal of occupying for from Baloch land because Baloch are facing uncivilised enemies who do not respect democracy and rule of law.

Before the end of the program Faiz Baluch read the message of Baloch patriot leader Hyrbair Marri who could not attend the meeting because of a political meeting outside UK.

Mr Marri in his message said that 13 November is an importance day in the history of Balochistan because on this day in 1938 Mir Mehrab Khan Baloch embraced martyrdom while defending Balochistan against British occupying forces.

This day has been chosen as national Remembrance Day of all Baloch Martyrs without any discrimination. All the Baloch men and women who sacrificed their lives for freedom of Balochistan – are equal and they laid their lives for common purpose. There should be no classes or ranks of national heroes and we should not distinguish between them because of their political affiliation and status in Baloch society.

He said along with paying tributes to Baloch martyrs we should also salute Baloch Prisoners of War and prisoners of conscience who are currently in illegal custody of Iran and Pakistan. The Baloch prisoners have been arrested for the same purpose for which the martyrs gave their lives.

Baloch leader also applauded the long march of Voice for Baloch Missing Persons lead by Qadeer Baloch and Banuk Farzana Majeed Baloch. The long and odious walk for the freedom of Baloch political prisoners show the dedication and loyalty of VBMP toward the cause of Baloch missing persons and Baloch freedom struggle. He said the march was an inspiration for Baloch youth.

Mr Marri’s message read: “Due to the sacrifices of Baloch martyrs and political prisoners the Baloch national liberation movement is continuously gaining momentum on international level and widespread support of people from all walks of life in Balochistan and abroad. The Baloch people have never stopped longing for their most valued natural right to freedom. The desire to be free from illegal occupation is embedded in the consciousness of every sane, informed and fair-minded person.

Our appeal to the International democratic and civilized powers is to support the peace loving people of Balochistan – morally support our struggle for freedom. A free Balochistan is pivotal for both regional and word peace.”

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Courtesy: Baloch Warna 


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