Pakistan intensified its atrocities across Balochistan; world’s silence is of grave concern: BNV

FC-Buring-BalochistanThe Baloch National Voice in a statement on Saturday said that Pakistani security forces attack on Baloch civilians in Marwaar area of Balochistan is a continuation of military offensives against Baloch people from past 60 years.

The BNV further said military attack of civilians, burning their houses, violating the sanctity of Baloch code of honour and abducting at least 40 people in revenge of an attack on security forces by Baloch freedom fighters proves that Pakistan has lot the fight. Hence to conceal its defeat and to keep the moral of its soldiers high the state is killing and abducting innocent people from Balochistan.

The BNV statement further read: “The occupying state must note that Baloch nation is aware of the fact that path of freedom is full of thorn and fire. They also know that their enemy [Pakistan] is a highly immoral state. That is why the Baloch nation has never expected any good from their enemy. Despite all brutalities and atrocities of the state the struggle for freedom will continue with full intensity.”

The Baloch National Voice expressed grave concern on the ‘criminal’ silence of international community and urged them to play their role against Baloch genocide.

In their press release the BNV said: “Many world leaders boycotted the Common Wealth meeting in Sri Lanka and others who went have expressed their concerns about human rights violation there. But Pakistan is committing more gruesome crimes in Balochistan than what Sri Lanka did against Tamil people. Pakistani army and its other security agencies are committing crimes against humanity with impunity. Currently around 15000 Baloch activists including women and children are in the custody of Pakistan. Over 1500 Baloch political prisoners from the above number have been killed under custody and a further 1000 highly educated Baloch persons have been target killed by Pakistan army and their proxy death squads.”

According the BNV press release the victims of kill and dump and target killings include Baloch journalists, human rights activists and other member of society. Hundreds of thousands of people have been forcefully displaced from their homes and Pakistan also used lethal chemical weapons against Baloch people, the BNV added.

The Baloch pro-freedom group said that United Nations have failed to send an independent commission in Balochistan to investigate state atrocities, adding that: “Pakistan has never been questioned and held account by international leaders on world forums about its genocidal policies in occupied Balochistan. Hence Pakistan continues to commit Baloch genocide with impunity and without any fear.”

The BNV urged the international community to take immediate notice of state atrocities in Balochistan and recognise and morally support the Baloch liberation struggle which is in accordance with international principles.

Courtesy: Baloch Warna

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