Pakistani Army has killed and dumped teenager Izzat Baloch

izzat-balochBALOCHISTAN: Pakistan army has killed and dumped teenager Izzat Baloch, son of Tangi Baloch. Izzat was abducted on November 8th, 2013 from Maheer area of Mand, when the occupying Pakistani army raided the house of Tangi Baloch and abducted five from the family, later four of whom were released. The central spokesperson of the Baloch Student Organization – Azad said in press release.

The Spokesperson also condemned the attack on Ahmed Jan house in Dawnk, Turbat. The spokesperson also declared that Waleed Baloch, son of Ahmed Jan is not associated the BSO-Azad in anyway.

The spokesperson further added that the Pakistani prime minister’s visit to Awarn and his rhetoric cannot stop the defeat of the Pakistani Occupation of Balochistan. The spokesperson said that Nawaz Sharif like his predecessors tried to cover the gross human rights violations of the Pakistani occupation and denied the Baloch freedom movement by calling the politically aware Baloch people as angry and deprived, and belabored on the trite and tested promises of development, peace and negotiations, none of which have been realized in its own capital city of Islamabad. The Pakistani state is least bothered about the development of the Baloch, it is using the earthquake as a cover to strengthen its occupation in Awaran, as is evident from the deployment of Pakistan army combat units in the area.

Dr. Malik’s dummy government and Akter Mengal’s complaints to the Occupying government has rendered defective the provincial government’s legitimacy. The Baloch on May 11th, 2013,by not participating in the general elections, gave their consent in the favor of freedom. The Baloch will not abdicate their right to freedom in return for roads, power and gas connections and sewerage lines.

Pakistani claims of having placed nationalists in power is nothing but an attempt to cover the blatant acts of state terrorism, unleashed by the Pakistani security forces and intelligence agencies against the Baloch and a measure to mute the true voice of the Baloch. Every effort made by the Pakistani state is an attempt to further strengthen its grip on Balochistan and to expedite the genocide of the Baloch. The politically illuminated zeitgeist that the Baloch are bearing has successfully thwarted Pakistan’s attempts to subdue the freedom movement, the Baloch are determined to win their freedom as it alone guarantees the prosperity and security of the Baloch.

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