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He sent home his shirt buttons to tell us he was alive

Hina Baloch

Farzana Majeed Baloch with Zakir Majeed's picture

Her face covered with a shawl, feet swollen, eyes dried, holding a picture of her brother tightly in her hands, Farzana Majeed is slowly and painfully covering the 450 mile distance from Quetta to Karachi on foot for the past nine days. In reality, this painful journey for Farzana began four years ago, when her family received a call at their home informing that her brother had been “picked up” on his way from Mastung. Having attended funerals of hundreds of tortured and mutilated young men, who had been disappeared under similar circumstances and later dumped in various corners of Balochistan, Farzana knew very well that her brother may meet the same fate.

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