Pakistani occupation forces have intensified their genocidal operations in Balochistan: BSO-Azad

mand-balochistan-operation-200809-03The central spokesperson of the Baloch Students Organization-Azad (BSO-A) has said in a press release that the Pakistani occupation forces have intensified their genocidal operations in Dera Bugti, Naseerabad, Mand, Turbat and other areas of Occupied Balochistan. On November 8th, 2013 the Pakistani occupation forces killed Shambo Bugti and Gola Bugti in Dera Bugti, while in Chathar area of Naseerabad, the Pakistani forces abducted two Sindhis.

There are reports of many Baloch having been killed or abducted by the Pakistani forces in the latest round of state terrorism. On the same day in Maheer area of Mand the Pakistani army raided a house, subjecting to violence all inmates, including women and children and abducted five men from the household. The Pakistani army also resorted to pillaging, looting the family of their valuables, including two cars, four motorcycles and their cellphones. One of the five abductees is still held captive by the Pakistani army.

While in the Dawnak area of Turbat, in a night raid, the Pakistani occupation forces raided, again, the house of Ahmed Jan Baloch. Last month, the Pakistani occupation forces wounded Waleed, Ahmed’s son in a raid on his house. The Pakistani forces also ransacked Ahmed Jan’s house and robbed the family.

In Niemargh, Kalat, on the same day, sixteen year old Baqir Baloch was abducted by the Pakistani army. The spokesperson further said that while Pakistan is intensifying its acts of terrorism in Occupied Balochistan the International community and supranational organizations’ deliberate silence is worrying. The international community must take notice of the crimes against humanity being committed by Pakistan in Occupied Balochistan.

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