Baloch poet, political activist Qassum Wafa target-killed by Pakistani Death Squads: BSO-A

qassum-wafa-balochBaloch Students Organization (Azad) has strongly condemned target-killing of young Baloch poet and political leader Qassum Wafa by Pakistani death squads in Panjgur.

Qassum Wafa was Baloch National Movement’s councilor and organizer of Panjgur district. Wafa was targeted when he was on his way to Chitkan Bazar with his brother.

His role in the freedom struggle will never be forgotten, the spokesman said.

Operation in Dera Bugti and Naseerabad:

Pakistani forces fired at least 9 mortars on civil population in Dera Bugti that led to 6 civilians being critically injured including 1 woman and 2 children.

Separately, Pakistani forces raided several houses in Kanari and Belan areas of Naseerabad and abducted Lal Mohammad Bugti along with Khair Baksh Bugti after they were severely beaten up.

50 million dollar fund to Pakistan:
BSO-A has expressed serious concern over Denmark government’s fresh fund to Pakistan. The spokesman said that Pakistan was committing serious human rights violations and these funds further strengthen Pakistan’s position to carry on with such abuses.

The spokesman said that Pakistan is violating international laws and committing warcrimes in Balochistan. Any fund that Pakistan gets, be it US aid or any other country’s, it uses it for its evil intentions to spread terrorism around the world.

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