Baloch Liberation Party changes its name to Balochistan Independence Movement

Balochistan MapBalochistan: The central organising committee of Baloch Liberation Party has unanimously decided to change the party’s name to Balochistan Independence Movement (BIM) on Saturday. “The party’s flag and aims and objectives will remain unchanged, we have only decide to change the name of the party,” The BLP said in a press release. The meeting also discussed regional and international issues.

The BIM said that Baloch struggle for freedom has succeeded in gaining a space on international agendas and it was becoming clear on international level that Baloch have no other demand than the freedom of Balochistan.

“Provincial autonomy, fare share in power and other state narratives are contrary to Baloch demands because Balochistan is an occupied territory and Baloch sovereignty has been violated. Baloch are in a state of war from past many years and only the establishment of a free Baloch state under supervision of international guarantors can end this war,” the BIM said in its press release.

They further said China was betraying the ideology of Chairman Mao by siding with brutal state of Pakistan and giving assistance to Pakistan to crush the Baloch freedom struggle.

The meeting lauded the international community for supporting Baloch point view in relation to Iran-Pakistan gas pipeline. They said the United Nations and the rest world should pressurise China to its activities and leave Balochistan.

The Balochistan Independence Movement also announced to support the shutter down call of Baloch Salvation Front on Baloch Martyrs Day, 13 November. They appeal the Baloch nation and business owners to support the shutter-down call.

The BIM said: “This day is a day to remember the Baloch national martyrs and pay tribute to them. This is also the day to renew the resolve to continue the struggle for a free united and independent Baloch national sate.”

Courtesy: Baloch Warna

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