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Balochistan needs the World’s Help


If Islamabad’s nuclear program was India-focussed, then why are they building ICBMs that can hit targets 7,000 km away? The furthest Indian city from Pakistan is no more than 1,000 km, yet this fact seems to be not making its mark in the corridors of power in either Brussels, London or Washington DC,” he said. “And guess where are they testing and placing their long-range missiles?” he asked rhetorically. “Balochistan,” he replied to his own question.

Tarek Fatah nWhen a natural calamity strikes, often within hours the tragedy triggers a worldwide aid effort to search for survivors trapped under the debris and to house and feed the victims.

Unfortunately, there was no such luck for the hundreds of thousands who survived a massive earthquake that struck Pakistan’s mineral-rich, yet dirt-poor region of Balochistan on September 25.

Instead, the Pakistani military shut out international aid agencies, taking advantage of the crisis to launch an offensive against Baloch nationalists fighting for independence from Pakistan’s occupation.

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