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Oct 21: Shaheed Faqeer Shahwani and Shaheed Zahoor Bangulzai

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October 20, 2013 · 3:00 pm

COMMENT : Credibility compromised — Mir Mohammad Ali Talpur

The mala fide equating of the Baloch nationalists with the fundamentalist sectarian/jihadist outfits is aimed at maligning the Baloch 

Mir Muhammad Ali TalpurThe raison d’être of human rights organisations under all circumstances should solely be the protection of human rights, without any deviation for any consideration. The members of these organisations should transcend all personal, political, social, national, economic and cultural prejudices to stand up for human rights because any departure leads to the irreparable loss of the credibility and influence of the organisation. The duty of these organisations is to defend human rights at all costs; they cannot and should not appear to be a party to any state or institution. Sadly, sometimes, these organisations — though ostensibly safeguarding human rights — get carried away by state-inspired narratives and the establishment’s interests, which they consciously or subconsciously subscribe to or identify with. Their becoming a party to a set of ideas irreversibly harms the struggle for protection of human rights.

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