Zafar Baloch had played a very crucial role in spreading awareness among the people: BSO-A

shaheed_zafar_janBALOCHISTAN: Baloch Students Organization-Azad (BSO-A) spokesman has said that Pakistani occupying forces have martyred Yousuf Baloch, Zafar Baloch and his wife Haklima Baloch in Kharan. Zafar Baloch was ex-deputy organizer of BSO-A Basima zone and Yousuf Baloch was an ex-member of the same zone too.

On October 9th, at 14h00 local time, Pakistani forces attacked the house of Zafar Baloch after completely besieging Kallan and adjoining areas. 30 vehicles and 2 army helicopters carried out the operation which lasted for four hours. After the martyrdom of Zafar Baloch, Yousuf Baloch and Haklima Baloch, the forces also abducted 2 injured civilians. One of the abductees was named as Babul Baloch. 4 women and 7 children were also injured in the operation.

The martyrs did not give up till their last breath, the spokesman said. As BSO-A’s deputy organizer, Zafar Baloch had played a very crucial role in spreading awareness among the people of Kharan. This was the second time his house was attacked by Pakistani forces.

Pakistani army barbarism cannot scare the people in their cause activism, the spokesman said. These martyrs have continued the proud trend with which thousands of Baloch youths had embraced martyrdom. Pakistan cannot continue to exploit the Baloch land anymore.

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