Abducted JSMM leader found dead in Karachi, JSMM announces 10 days mourn

Member of Central Committee and former Coordination secretary of JSMM, Prem Dewaan alias Barkat Chandio tortured severely and shot dead body was found in lyari, Karachi. JSMM leader was abducted yesterday morning at 11 am form Naseerabad.

Slain-JSMM-leader-Prem-DewaanWarah / Karachi: Abducted from yesterday morning on 11 am leader of Jeay Sindh Muttahida Mahaz Barkat chandio alias Prem Dewan is found dead with severe torture on his body and bullet riddled from lyari in the early morning today at 7 am. JSMM leader was severely tortured and was shot four bullets.

Police collected the dead body of JSMM leader in the morning 7 am and sent it to Edhi centre, where he was recognized by activist as Prem Dewan. Prem Dewan was formerly Coordination secretary of JSMM and now he was working as a member of central committee in JSMM.

According to brother of deceased Prem Dewaan, he left for Karachi from Warah yesterday morning. But afterwards he could not be contacted. He said, Prem Dewaan was a political activist.

Police Officer Irfan Baloch has said that, we had no information that deceased Prem Dewaan was a JSMM leader.

The dead body will be handover to the family after completing all formalities and case of incident will be investigated.

JSMM has announced the mourn of 10 days on murder of Prem Dewaan and JSMM Chairman Shafi Burfat has called an urgent meeting of central committee as well.

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