5 martyred and 16 Baloch abducted by Pakistan Army from Panjgur: BSO-Azaad

Baloch Students Organization – Azaad (BSO-A) spokesman said that Pakistan army launched a deadly operation in Panjgur, abducted 16 Baloch and 5 Mutilated dead bodies found including BSO Azaad Panjgur’s zone former member Wahab Hassan, while other four others are still unidentified were transferred into Panjgur civil hospital for identification.

BSO azaad praised Wahab Hassan’s role for Baloch national cause. Wahab Hassan was prominent ex- activist of BSO Azaad struggled for national cause until his death like several other Baloch martyrs.

Spokesman further said that Pakistan Army fired rockets, looting & Burning houses, cars of Baloch civilians in Parom area of Panjgur.

Pakistan Army abducted 16 Baloch civilians
Khair Mohammed Baloch, son of Abdul Wahab Baloch
Taj Mohammad Baloch, son of Chakar Baloch
Munir Ahmed Baloch, son of Peer Mohammad Baloch
Mohammad Azam Baloch, son of Dur Mohammad Baloch
Ashraf Baloch, son of Dosteen Baloch
Riyaz Ahmed Baloch, son of Dosteen Baloch
Karim Jan Baloch, son of Munir Ahmed Baloch
Jan Mohammad Baloch
including teacher Bilal Baloch, son of Chakar Balolch from Keelkor Sanghozai Bazaar.

In continuity of Baloch genocide, Pakistan Army tortured & abducted Qaddafi Nichari Baloch, son of Mohammed Ali Baloch from Kechi Baig Qili Nichaari area of Quetta on 28 September.

Pakistan Army boosted its Baloch genocidal policy resulted bombarding Pat Feeder& surrounding areas of Dera Bugti.

Spokesman stated that Relief work is slow because Pakistan Army had stopped non-government aid and not allowing private relief workers to enter in the earthquake affected areas of Awaran & Mashkay in name of security.

Pakistan Army deploying its troops and supplying arms logistics in name of relief goods. BSO Azaad’s spokesman further said that because of Army’s interference and silence of international organizations, earthquake victims are lacking food, clean drinking water, medical facilities and helplessly spending day and night under open sky can result to affecting by more diseases & casualties.

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