Balochistan mourns on the Baloch people sufferings

BALOCHISTAN: Baloch people are facing Pakistan Army barbarism even in the tragic days of Earth quake. The mutilated, and bullet riddled dead bodies of five Baloch people were recovered from Panjgur. As per sources the Pakistani forces disappeared many people and took them in illegal detention from Yar Mohammad Market, Panjgoor. The military operation in Panjgoor is believed, was conducted as a retaliation against the civilian people as a retaliation by the Pakistani Forces. The freedom Fighters one day earlier attacked on an army convoy in Parom Panjgoor, where the Pakistani forces faced many losses. Most of the mutilated dead bodies identification is yet unknown.

On the otherside, the Balochistan and Baloch are mourn on the heavy human loss caused in the current week due to earthquake. The Pakistani forces particularly Frontier Crops (F.C.) is playing a role of barrier against the human rights activists and organizations to get access to the affected areas and people.

Qazi Dad Rehan a Baloch writer and thinker, comments on the Role of the Pakistani State keeping away the International Community and Organizations from helping the Balochistan people, as follows;

“It has been noted that whenever it comes to Balochistan, international donors and aid organizations or humanitarian bodies are not allowed to help the suffering people. Balochistan has suffered prolonged drought in the past decade. That has a devastating impacted on the provincial economy, but international organizations or United Nothing teams have never been welcomed by the State or requested to come forward to help the people. The victims of flood-affected areas in Mekran are still facing hardship to get back to normal life”.

Courtesy by: Bolan Times
Photo by: Cheraag Baloch

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