Pakistani Army denies aid to quake victims to hide abuse

balochistan-missing-persons-earthquakeThere have been all kinds of reports of delays in aid to Balochistan for relief for earthquake victims. The latest word is that within the past 24 hours Nine extremely tortured bodies of Baloch missing persons were found, four in Dera Bugti and five in Panjgur. It seems that the Pakistani Army is worried that relief workers will come across too many tortured and murdered bodies by the side of the road. Stories vary. Some document Pakistani soldiers spreading mines after the quake, holding up truck convoys and heading in in full combat gear. Whatever the truth is, it seems certain that the Pakistani Army is intent on covering up a lot of damning evidence of extensive abuse and harsh treatment of Balochis. We have been monitoring this situation for some time.
From Social Media:

It seems that, as Chinese development comes into Pakistan to exploit the mineral wealth and harbor in Balochistan, the people who live there are in the way. From all evidence we can gather, There has been a longtime genocide that is picking up in pace and this latest disaster may be used as a cover story for far more extensive mass murder.

As American diplomats are openly advocating investment in Pakistan, this activity spreads. No news organization in mainstream media covers this story.

—David Dienstag

[Courtesy by: Jezail TV]

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