Five Pakistani Army helicopters shell quake affected houses in Gajjar: BSO-Azad

Two BSO-A prominent female activists, Paryaaz and Rubina also lost their lives in the deadly quake


In a statement issued by Baloch Students Organization (Azad), the central spokesman has said that Pakistani helicopters with the help of ground troops, carried out a massive military offense in Gajjar area of Mashkay. At least five army helicopters continuously shelled the quake affected houses. This has worsen the situation in the affected areas, the spokesman said.

From Social Media:

Gajjar is one of the worse hit areas in the recent deadly earthquake that has claimed hundreds of lives so far. Pakistani army operation in the areas has put the lives of quake survivors at great risk. Heavy troops deployment is still underway in Gajjar and adjoining areas, he said. Army controlled relief work is just an excuse to carry out further operations in the region. They are bringing in more and more military equipments in the name of relief, he further said.

No independent media is allowed in the affected areas. On the other hand, Pakistani biased media is busy with trying to portrait a good image of army’s presence in the region. Many relief supplies have been stopped from entering the affected areas.

Al Jazeera’s news team was also stopped by army from entering and reporting from the quake affected areas, the spokesman said. Army is deployed in all the usable buildings such as schools in different areas of Awaran, this has increased the sufferings of the victims.

Quake victims are forced to spend their starving days and nights under open sky, the spokesman said.

Two female members of BSO-A, Paryaz and Rubina have also lost their lives in the earthquake. Both were prominent and hardworking members, the nation will not forget their role in the freedom struggle, the spokesman said.

The spokesman further said that international groups were fully aware of Pakistani institutions’ criminal reputation in Balochistan. To rely on Pakistani army for relief work is a matter of deep concern. Pakistani media claims are baseless, they are promoting army propaganda in order to prevent international aid agencies to visit the affected areas.

The international aid agencies should observe the humanitarian crisis in Balochistan and step in to directly help the quake victims. The aid agencies should play their crucial role in this humanitarian disaster. They should also take immediate notice of Pakistani army shelling in these areas, the spokesman said.


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