Timeline: Major earthquakes in Balochistan, 1852 to 2013

BALOCHISTAN: A massive earthquake struck Balochistan on Tuesday September 24, 2013, killing at least 350 people, injuring hundreds and flattening thousands of houses in different area of Balochistan. Officials said thousands have been left homeless as a result.

The following is a list of major earthquakes in Balochistan:

On April 16, 2013: A strong earthquake measuring 7.9 on the Richter scale affected Mashkel, Quetta, with tremors felt in different parts of Balochistan, Iran, India and some gulf countries. The epicentre of the earthquake lay in the Sarawan area of Iran which lies close to Pak-Iran border. About 34 people were reported killed while 80 were reported to be injured with some 10000 houses damaged as a result of the quake.

On Jan 20, 2011: Another earthquake measuring 7.4 on the Richter scale shook Quetta with an epicentre located 1.5 kilometres northwest of Kharan district in Balochistan. Over 200 houses were damaged.

On Jan 18, 2011: An earthquake measuring 7.2 on the Richter scale hit areas in Balochistan, killing several people and damaging 200 buildings in Balochistan. The epicentre of the quake lay 50 kilometre west of Dalbandin.

On October 28, 2008: An earthquake measuring 6.4 in magnitude on the Richter scale hit Quetta and the surrounding areas, killing a total of 160 people and injuring 370 others in Balochistan. Several houses were also destroyed as a result of the quake. The epicentre of the quake lay 60 kilometre northeast of Quetta.

On February 28, 1997: An earthquake measuring 7.2 on the Richter scale hit areas across Balochistan and Pakistan, and lasted for 30 – 90 seconds. The areas affected by the quake were Bolan, Jhal Magsi, Usta Mohammad, Sibi, Bugti and Marri tribal regions, as well as Mithri, whole of the Koh-i-Suleiman range, Chaman, Qila Abdullah, Qila Saifullah, Pishin, Ziarat, Mastung, Kalat, Sorab, Khuzdar in Balochistan. Tremors also felt in Rawalpindi, Islamabad, Multan, Muzaffargarh, Dera Ghazi Khan, Shujabad, leiah, Vehari, Sukkur, Rohri, Ghotki, Daharki, Ubaro, Liaquatpur, Jacobabad, Kandhkot, Dadu, Larkana, Warah, Shahdadkot and Kambar in Punjab and Sindh. Over 100 people were killed in the earthquake.

On August 05, 1947: Off the Makran coast, Balochistan. Earthquake measuring 7.2

On November 27, 1945: Off the Makran coast, Balochistan. Earthquake measuring 7.9, 25 kms depth. At least 2000 people killed in Balochistan and neighbouring Iran. Tsunamis with heights of 12 meters struck the Makran coast. Widespread damage. Damage also occurred at Ormara. Tsunamis were recorded at Kutchh (India) and Mumbai, India, with wave heights of 6 meters and 2 meters respectively.

On May 31, 1935: The 1935 Balochistan earthquake occurred on 31 May 1935 at 3:02 am at Quetta, Balochistan, British India. The earthquake had a magnitude of 7.7 Mw and anywhere between 30,000 and 60,000 people died from the impact. This ranks as one of the deadliest earthquakes that hit South Asia. The quake was centred 4.0 kilometres South West of Ali Jaan, Balochistan, British India.

1935 Earthquake Balochista.

1935 Earthquake Balochista.

On August 27, 1931: Mach, Balochistan. Earthquake measuring 7.0. This was the second earthquake within a span of two days to hit the same region. It was much stronger than the earthquake on August 25th, but did not reach a maximum RF value of more than 8. It was felt in much of Balochistan and Sindh. Several people were killed by falling masonry in Quetta.

On August 25, 1931: Sharigh, Balochistan. Earthquake measuring 7.2. This earthquake reached a maximum RF intensity of 8. It had a very shallow focal depth and destroyed most of the mud houses in the region.

On October 20, 1909: Between Loralai and Sibi, Balochistan. The earthquake measuring 7.0. Centred in the vicinity of Bagh and Shahpur. Maximum RF intensity of 9 was observed. Several villages completely destroyed and more than 100 killed.

On December 20, 1892: An earthquake measuring 6.8, Near Chaman, Afghanistan-Pakistan border. This earthquake was triggered by a fault that caused surface displacement for nearly 200 kilometres off setting railway lines and other man-made objects. It was felt throughout Balochistan and was centred in the Khojak range.

On 1889: Jhalawan, Balochistan

On 1883: Jhalawan, Balochistan

On 1865: Near Kahan Balochistan. Several buildings destroyed.

On January 24, 1852: 250 – 350 people killed in the Kahan, Balochistan. Hundreds of heads of cattle also perished and buildings in the fort area were either badly damaged or destroyed.

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