Missing Kabeer Baloch is held in Khuzdar Cantt – Claims his mother

kabeer-baloch-balochistanMother of missing Baloch youth, Kabeer Baloch, has appealed the chief justice of Pakistan to play a role in releasing her son. She said that her son and his friends were kidnapped from khuzdar on 27 March 2009.

“Since then we have continuously been using all channels including Supreme Court for their release. But instead my younger son, Waheed Baloch, was killed in daylight before hundreds of people.

“Killers of Waheed Baloch were not arrested even after the orders of Chief Justice, which shows that government organisations are involved in the abductions and murders of Baloch youth,” she said.

She added that until and unless Supreme Court does not take action against Frontier Crops and Intelligence agencies the issue of missing persons remains unresolved. Government Organisations present untrue data before the Supreme Court in order to mislead it.

“Frontier Crops and other government organization do not pay heed towards the decisions and orders of Supreme Court. When the so-called saviours of constitution and law themselves break the law then how can they expect others to follow it,” she added.

She revealed that they have learnt through “very reliable sources” that her son Kabeer and his friends AttaUllah and Mushtaq Baloch are held in a military cantonment in Kuzdar.

She appealed the Chief Justice of Pakistan to immediately play a role for their release as they live in the distant city of Khuzdar and are not able to attend every unfruitful hearing of court.

Two more abducted

The family members of two Baloch youth have claimed that their sons have been abducted near Gwadar on 16 September. They said that Mohammad Kareem s/o Habeeb and Nasir s/o Qasim left for Gwadar from Pishukan on their motorbike but since then there has been no any contact with them. Their mobile phones are also switched off. They appealed the responsible organisations to play role in their recovery.

[Courtesy by: Baloch Warna]

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