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COMMENT: Paying back in their own coin. Really? — Mir Mohammad Ali Talpur

It took Razzak Baloch’s family 24 hours to identify him through old marks on limbs because his face was mutilated beyond recognition

Mir Muhammad Ali TalpurAfter the recent attack on a train near Machh, Bolan, in which only the locomotive and the railway police compartments were targeted, Railways Minister Khwaja Saad Rafique, very bravely, said, “Militants should surrender otherwise the government will pay them (militants) in their own coin… we would respond with 10 rockets in response to one fired by the militants.” The fact is that even when no rockets have been fired the security forces have fired countless rockets of wanton brutality against the Baloch who had had no option except to resist the unwarranted brutality. How many rockets had the Baloch fired in March 1948 to be forcibly annexed or in October 1958 for Kalat to be attacked or in 1973 for the elected Ataullah Mengal government to be dismissed and a terrible military operation conducted or for the present ‘dirty war’ claiming thousands of victims to be unleashed with the killing of Nawab Akbar Bugti and Balaach Marri? There is an uninterrupted history of unprovoked aggression against the Baloch and it intensifies every day.
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