Missing Baloch journalist Haji Abdul Razzaq dead body found in Karachi

Total sixteen bodies of Baloch missing persons have so far been found from the Surjani Town, Karachi, all hailing from Balochistan.

Haji-Abdul-Razzaq-Baloch-abducted-march26-2013KARACHI: Police on Wednesday morning recovered two bodies said to be of Baloch missing persons from Surjani Town area of Karachi, Geo News reported.

According to police sources, two bodies were found near Hameed Nawaz Farm at Hub Dam Road in Surjani Town and were of persons missing from different areas of Balochistan province. The victims were strangled to death.

File photo

File photo: Journalist Haji Abdul Razzaq family protesting in front of Karachi Press Club

A slip with the victims’ names was also found with the bodies, according to which they were identified as Haji Abdul Razzaq Baloch, 35 son of Abdul Rasool Bakhsh Baloch and the other as 40-year-old Pathan Bakhsh Bugti, son of Abdul Raheem Bakhsh.

The deceased were the residents of Sukkur Colony, Hub and their named were included in the list of missing persons.

Details have it that Haji Abdul Razzaq Baloch was the sub-editor of a Balochi newspaper published from Karachi and was residing in the Lyari area. He went missing on March 24, 2013.

The sources told that a total of sixteen bodies of missing persons have so far been found from the same area, all hailing from Balochistan.

on Tuesday (Aug 20, 2013)
It is pertinent to mention that two bodies of missing persons were also recovered from bushes in Northern By-pass area of Surjani Town on Tuesday.

The victims were strangled to death by unknown miscreants who later dumped their bodies in the bushes.

A hand written slip was also found with the bodies with their names, Ramzan Baloch, son of Saleh Muhammad Baloch and Abdul Ghafoor Baloch, son of Haider Baloch written on it. Sources told that their names were included in the missing persons’ list and belonged to District Turbat of Balochistan province.

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