BSO-Azad protest rallies in Karachi and Gomazi against the killing of Baloch leaders

KARACHI: Baloch Students Organization (BSO-Azad) hold a massive protest rally from Arts Council to Karachi press club against the killing of BSO-Azad’s central Secretary General Raza Jahangeer and BNM’s leader Imdad Baloch. The participants of rally were holding placards and banners inscribed different slogans against the Pakistan army aggression and Baloch genocide. While addressing the rally, BSO-Azad’s leaders have said that, yesterday Pakistan army besieged the “Absar” area of Turbat and attacked the house of BNM’s leader Imdad Baloch, and killed the BSO-Azad’s central Secretary General Raza Jahangir and Imdad Baloch, a leader of BNM. Pakistani forces for hiding their brutality and terrorism, later tried to show the peaceful political leaders as terrorists, but world knows that, the Pakistan’s occupation of Balochistan and brutalities against the Baloch nation are the biggest terrorism; as Pakistan is committing crimes in Balochistan from 1948.

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Martyr Raza Jahangir and Martyr Imdad Baloch were political leaders; Pakistan army killed them like the other Baloch political leaders and activists by ruthlessly attacking the civilian population. Pakistan has been violating the “International Laws” by killing the peaceful Baloch political activists affiliated with the Balochistan’s freedom movement, who are struggling against the end of the Pakistani occupation.

Pakistan has crossed all limits of brutalities just for countering the ongoing national freedom movement. But despite knowing the facts, United Nations and International community is silent. The attack on peaceful Baloch protesters in Turbat, and afterwards, the killing of Baloch leaders Raza Jahangir and Imdad Baloch at a time when the United Nations Secretary General Ban Ki-moon was present in Pakistan; and was busy in praising the well-known human rights violators; the Pakistani occupying army.

The speakers have said during protest rally that, Raza Jangir being a student activist had mobilized the Baloch nation by giving them awareness about the Baloch national existence and freedom from the platform of BSO, and continued the struggle of thousands of Baloch martyrs and prisoners held in Pakistani torture cells. Just because of the same struggle, Pakistan had already proscribed the political organization like BSO-Azad in the list of extremist religious parties; and had also killed the BSO Azad’s leaders Kambar Chakar, Comrade Qayum, Shafi Baloch, Waheed Balach and several others. BSO Azad leader Zakir Majeed and several activists are still languishing in the Pakistani torture cells and facing inhumane treatment.

Speakers while addressing the protest rally have said that, “the all occupied nations of world got freedom because of their struggle and sacrifices”. Today Baloch nation is also performing their national duty for the freedom of their land and people, while Pakistan for sustaining her occupation is busy in countering the philosophy of freedom. For attaining the very same purpose, Pakistan is abducting, killing and bombarding the houses of Baloch political leaders, so that the Baloch freedom movement ends. But the history of world’s oppressed and colonized nations is a witness, that whenever any nation devoted

Themselves for freedom movement and continued their struggle steadfastly by facing all the difficulties, so finally they all succeed. Speakers while criticizing the role of International community and flag-bearers of human rights have said, “They are criminally silent about the Pakistani state crimes and Baloch genocide in Balochistan, and which is a question mark to the credibility of pro liberty and pro humanity forces”.

TUMP PROTEST RALLY: BSO- Azad Tump zone has organized a protest rally in Gomazi against the killing of Central Secretary General of BSO-Azad Raza Jahangir and the Baloch National Movement’s (BNM) leader Imdad Baloch. The protesters were carrying placards, banners and chanted slogans while marching in Gomazi town. Large number of women, children and political activists has participated in the peaceful protest rally. Protesters have showed their hatred towards the occupying state against the killing of BSO-Azad and BNM leaders.

The speakers have said while addressing the rally that, the killings, abductions, and bullet riddled bodies are not new things for freedom movement, and the highly conscious people will never withdraw from their cause by such devil activities of occupying state. But such brutalities of occupiers give more strength and new spirit to people. Speakers said, “every day bullet riddled bodies of political activists are recovering but international community is criminally silent. As long as the United Nations remain silent, Pakistan will commit more crimes against the Baloch nation.

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