Pakistani army killed two most prominent Baloch political activists on 14 Aug

BALOCHISTAN: Pakistan military and intelligence agencies surrounded the house of the Baloch National Movement (BNM) leader Imdad Baloch and attacked it with the heavy weapons killing central General Secretary of Baloch Student’s Organization (Azaad) Raza Jahangir Baloch and Imadad Bojair Baloch a senior leader of the BNM in the early hours of Wednesday (Aug 14, 2013) morning. The firing and bombardment on the house of Baloch leader continued for at least two hours.

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Local sources reported that Pakistani force also tortured and harassed women and children during the attack on Baloch political activists house and abducted the aged father of martyr Imdad Baloch.

The Baloch National Movement (BNM) Secretary General Dr. Manan Baloch in a press release said that, “Today, early morning of 14th of August, Pakistan army and its intelligence agencies, with the help of their subsidiary National Party, besieged the house of Imdad Baloch, Organizer of Kech zone in Absar, Turbat, and bombarded the house and the neighbouring houses. The aggression resulted in the martyrdom of BSO Azad’s Secretory General Raza Jahangir Baloch and BNM Kech Zone’s Organizer Imdad Baloch.”

“Raza Jahangir Baloch and Imdad Baloch were political leaders and intellectuals. They played a historical role in mobilizing and organizing Baloch independence movement, due to which Baloch nation became consciously involved in the national movement. The influence of such a national ideology generated questions on the presence of Pakistan army and its subsidiaries in Balochistan. The failure of the making Gwadar Project functional even after handing it over to China proves that the sincere and revolutionary struggle of political activists like Raza Jahangir and Imdad Baloch has weakened the oppressors and such barbaric acts of aggression show the psychological defeat of the occupying forces of Pakistan.” Dr. Manan Baloch said.

BNM announced that a shutter down and wheel jam strike will be observed throughout Balochistan on 14th, 15th and 16th of August; fulfilling the national responsibilities, transporters, traders and people belonging to other spheres of life should play their role to make the strike successful.

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