UN and International Community should pressurise Pakistan to peacefully withdraw from Balochistan: Hyrbyair Marri

Hyrbyair MarriLondon: Baloch patriot leader Hyrbyair Marri in a statement from London said that Baloch nation got rid of British occupier and gained their independence on 11 August 1947. The Baloch freedom was short lived as another occupier (the illegitimate creation British) Pakistan, which is devoid of any humanity and rational, moral and historical legitimacy, invaded Baloch motherland only eight months after Balochistan’s independence from Britain. Ever since, this bogus fanatic state has been committing countless war crimes against Baloch people and violating all international laws in the book in Balochistan.

He said the Baloch nation has never accepted any type of colonialism from any invading power. Equally, we do not allow Pakistan’s colonialism to succeed in Balochistan. Baloch struggle against Pakistan occupation was prompt, resolute and has been continuous. He added “The determination of Baloch people about regaining their independence is unstoppable. It has spread to the heart of every brave Baloch youth. That’s why people from all walk of life and age groups, in are supporting the progressive Baloch youths in their historical role to lead the liberation movement.”

He said the enemy has tried using different brutal tactics to deter Baloch youth from the struggle but it has failed. Baloch are very clear about their rights and have vivid vision of their future. No force is capable to defeat a united nation with just and democratic plan and objectives. The Baloch leader said, “Due to our just cause, clarity of purpose and our people’s unbreakable willpower, the struggle for liberation has spread in all four corners of Balochistan and it is getting stronger with each coming day. The Baloch youths should intensify their efforts for freedom. We have no doubt about the ultimate success of our struggle. Balochistan is ours and no one else but us can free ourselves. Once again Balochistan will be independent and its map will be restored on world map as a sovereign state just like on 11 August 1947.”

Expressing his sorrow over the killing of young Baloch footballers in Lyari area of Karachi Mr Marri said that the Baloch people of Karachi have always been targeted systematically by Pakistani security forces and their extremist affiliates. For Pakistan and its intelligence agencies human life has no value. They would carry out such carnage as they have done it time and time again. He said it was unfortunate that 11 innocent people including three teenage boys lost their lives during Lyari football ground blast. To the Baloch of Karachi, he said, they should understand and be vigilant about MQM, Pakistani intelligence agencies’ intentions, their agenda of Gang war mafias in Baloch areas in Karachi. The future of Baloch everywhere is with Baloch national struggle. “To avoid incidents like Lyari football ground the Baloch of Karachi should unite to thwart the occupying state conspiracies against Baloch nation and Baloch freedom struggle,” Hyrbyair Marri said.

Addressing the world community the Baloch leader said ahead of creation of Pakistan, the British, Pakistan and Baloch leadership signed an agreement in which they firmly acknowledged the independent status of Balochistan. It was after this agreement that the Baloch leaders declared Balochistan independence on 11 August 1947. On 12 August 1947 the news of Balochistan’s declaration of independence and congratulatory messages were published in the New York Times. He said, “These all historic events are proof of the fact that Baloch nation was an independent country. When Pakistan attempted to incorporate Balochistan in the name of religion, both elected houses of Balochistan unanimously rejected the notion of joining Pakistan.”

Hyrbyair Marri said on 27 March 1948 Pakistan occupied Balochistan at gunpoint and forced then the leader of Balochistan [Khan of Kalat] to sign so called their merger treaty. Then [during time of Balochistan’s occupation] the entire world remained silent as they were submerged in their insurmountable problems caused by the Second World War. “Today they are more free nations than ever. These nations claim to be the champion of human rights and democracy. We want these nations to break their silence and support the Baloch national struggle for freedom in the same way as they did for East Timor, Kosovo and Darfur.

He said, “We urge the democratic countries around the world and international human rights organisations to take notice of illegal occupation of Balochistan and the state violation of human rights following the invasion. Our demands are within accepted democratic norms and international law. We want the international community to take practical steps against Pakistan and morally support the Baloch freedom struggle. The UN and world community should pressurise Pakistan to stop killing Baloch and give a time frame of peaceful withdrawal of its army from Balochistan.”

Courtesy: Baloch Warna

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