Video Report: BSYA London conference “The Baloch National Struggle: Past, Present and Future”


London: 28th July, 2013- In an attempt to bring to light various issues the Baloch are facing in their socio-political circumstances, Baloch Students and Youth Association (UK) (BSYA) convened a major conference entitled, ‘’The Baloch National Struggle: Past, Present and Future’’, that took place at Birkbeck University of London on 28th July, 2013. An esteemed panel of Baloch intellectuals and writers were invited to share their insights and expertise on the conference subject to help the Baloch leaders, socio-political activists and the various sections of the Baloch national struggle accurately assess the circumstances and challenges faced by the Baloch, in order to devise feasible strategies to organize themselves and achieve the objectives of their struggle.

Opening Remarks – Qamber Baloch President BSYA (UK)


Baloch Historian Dr. Inayatullah Baloch from Germany talked about the Baloch National Identity and the early period of Baloch Nationalism from 1920s.


Baloch Linguist and Researcher Dr. Nadir Baloch from Italy discussed the role and contribution of the Baloch poets and literature in the Baloch national struggle. 


Baloch Poet Waja Akbar Barakzai discussed the role and contribution of the Baloch poets and literature in the Baloch national struggle.


Baloch Poet Waja Siddik Azaat from Sweden had sent his message for the conference that was read by BSYA’s member Mehroz Baloch.


Dr. M. Hossein Bor, Lawyer and Baloch writer from the US who discussed the Baloch national movement and its regional and international implications.


Mir Muhammad Ali Talpur, columnist at Daily Times, spoke on the Missing persons and the Baloch national struggle stressing on the need for a serious literature.


Dr.Naseer Dashti, a Baloch writer, discussed the Baloch national resistance and the need for a united front


Dr. Lakhu Luhana, Chairman of World Sindhi Congress talked about the past, present and future of Baloch Sindhi relation in the context of Baloch national struggle

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