Baloch nation should celebrate the Eid with simplicity, hold 14 August a black to express hatred against slavery: BNV

black-day-balochBALOCHISTAN: The Baloch National Voice, in a press release, has appealed the Baloch nation to celebrate the Islamic festival ‘Eid’ with simplicity and observe 11 August as a day of commemoration to renew their commitment to continue the struggle until regaining independence, and mark 14 August as a black day to express their dislike for slavery and occupation.

The BNV further said that Pakistan military has abducted thousands of Baloch activists, hundreds have been killed under-custody and the military offensives continue across Balochistan. “Pakistani state terrorism in Balochistan is inhuman, illegal and immoral and it is also against the teaching of Islam. Hence, the people of Balochistan should adopt simplicity on the day of Eid to express their support with families of state victims,” The BNV said.

Through their press statement the BNV appeal Baloch organisations and freedom activists to go the protest camp of Voice for Baloch Missing Persons on the day of Eid to express their solidarity with members of VBMP and effected families, adding that, “The Voice for Baloch Missing Persons have been effectively and actively raising awareness on national and international level against enforced-disappearances in Balochistan. They are still continuing their national duty without any political motives and affiliations.”

The BNV also appeal Baloch scholar to educate Baloch youth in the light of Islamic teachings about their rights, freedom and occupation of Baloch country. “Baloch nation and Baloch scholars should organise special collective congregations and pray for the success of Baloch freedom movement and independence of Balochistan.”

Announcing 11 August as the Day of Independence and 14 August as a Day of Mourning the BNV has appealed the Baloch people to install flag of Balochistan on their houses, offices, cars and other places on 11 August to commemorate their lost independence and renew their commitment that they continue the struggle till regaining of their freedom. BNV added that 14 August should be observed as a Black Day to express hatred and dislike for slavery and occupation.

The BNV said that the enemy [Pakistan] has been defeated by Baloch Sarmachars but to conceal its defeat the state military and their proxy death squads were target killing innocent Baloch on daily basis. The large number of disappearances of Baloch non-combats and other atrocities against innocent Baloch are also a proof of enemy’s defeat.

The BNV also appeal the Baloch Diaspora to organise events to educate international community, media, intellectuals and researchers about the true history of Balochistan as an independent state and its subsequent occupation by Pakistan. “The world should know that Baloch have no relation with Pakistan. The relation between the oppressed and the oppressor which has been established with force and at gunpoint is illegal, immoral and has no validity,” said BNV.

The Baloch National Voice said, “Baloch Diaspora should present these facts to the United Nations and other democratic and civilised countries to make them release that Balochistan need international attention and intervention. If the world can support the struggle of people of Syria, Libya and other places then it is also their moral obligation to support the Baloch people who have been struggling for their independence from past more than 65 years.”

Courtesy: Baloch Warna

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