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COMMENT : Subtle lies and strident truths — Mir Mohammad Ali Talpur

The constitutional actions and benevolence of Punjab have never translated into happiness for the Baloch people 

Mir Muhammad Ali TalpurA neighbour intending to borrow a donkey went to the sardonic sage Mullah Nasruddin’s house. The mullah apologised, saying someone had already taken it. As the disappointed neighbour was leaving, Mullah’s donkey brayed stridently from the courtyard. He returned and said, “Nasruddin, you are being economical with the truth; it seems that your donkey has not gone anywhere.” Chastising him with a sombre face Mullah said, “It is surely very silly of you to disbelieve me and believe the donkey instead.” The Baloch people in particular and concerned people in general, like Mullah’s neighbour, are certainly in a dilemma regarding the Balochistan situation. They do not know whether to believe Mullah’s subtle fibs or the donkey’s strident truths, i.e. the sombre Pakistani pronouncements that the middle class elected representative is independently running affairs in Balochistan or is Balochistan in reality being run from Islamabad or more precisely from Lahore. By the way, Dr Malik Baloch’s cabinet still awaits approval from Lahore.

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