BSO is ready to struggle till last drop of blood for freedom movement: Banok Kareema Baloch

kareema-baloch-bso-azaadBSO Azad Hub Zone senior body meeting was held under the presence of Zonal presidency whereas the chief guest was Senior Vice Chairperson BSO Azad Banuk Kareema Baloch. The conference started with two minutes silence in remembering the martyrs. The conference concluded the prior organizational performance report, organizational works, criticism and self-criticism, current affairs and future tasks which were discussed with ease.

After presenting the Zonal performance report and doing some constructive criticism on the organizational zonal performance, the Vice Chairperson and other participants implied that , the party must be strong and organised well in order for a revolution to be successful. BSO has been playing an important role in the Baloch freedom struggle since day one. BSO produced such sons of soil who chose martyrdom when it came to safegurading homeland Balochistan, other thousands locked up in dark cells and God knows the torture they receive at hands of the Pakistani evil regime and while the rest are actively taking part in the national struggle for freedom.

Enemies of Baloch, Parliament lovers and government puppets have always tried to break and divide BSO for its purpose but have failed in doing so and today BSO in shape of BSO Azad still exists as a strong voice for the Baloch revolution. BSO Azad will stand till the last drop of blood for the struggle and cause of Baloch. BSO Azad is drenched in blood of Martyr Aslam, Martyr Hameed, Martyr Majeed. Martyr Majeed, Martyr Fida Ahmed, Martyr Comrade Qayum, Martyt Qambar Chakar, Martyr Balach, Martyr Ilyas Nizar, Martyr Shafi, Martyr Sikandar and many more.

Talking on the current political situation it said that change of international political interests will affect all of the revolutionary movements in the world. Likewise resources of Baloch, Sea and geographical importance of Balochistan is the attraction of the powerful countries of the world. Pakistan is trying its best to exploit and loot the national resources of Balochistan by calling foreign countries and investments to be partners in crime before the resources dry up. To kill the Baloch identity and struggle using power, Pakistan appointed Doctor Malik who is their agent as Chief Minister and his team to different other posts. By selecting and appointing its own agents, Pakistan is managing in a well organized manner the killing and genocide of Baloch. Even Akhtar Mengal and Shafeeq Mengal who are traitors of the Baloch have ended years of political enemity with help and backing of the establishment. Understanding the plans and tricks of the enemy, we Baloch also have to face internal and external challenges. At the end a organizational committee was shaped and members were given various organizational responsibilities.

[Courtesy by: Sagaar]

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