Conference: The Baloch National Struggle: Past, Present and Future


The Baloch Students and Youth Association (UK) (BSYA) is holding a major conference at Birkbeck, University of London on 28th July, 2013 entitled “The Baloch National Struggle: Past, Present and Future”

The topic is highly relevant to the present deteriorating scenario in Balochistan. The object of this conference is to provide as simple as possible an account of the complex Baloch national movement from the prospective of the distinguished Baloch intellectuals/writers, linguist/researchers and poets who will discuss the role of various dimensions that shape the Baloch movement. It also aims at a better understanding of the multitude of problems and challenges encountered by Baloch people.

BSYA brings together an assorted panel of experts to share their insights and expertise to throw some light on the realities of Balochistan and analyse in context the Baloch national struggle and its regional and international implications. This conference is at its most to help the Socio-political activists, leaders and other various sections of the Baloch national movement to accurately assess the new realities, prospects and challenges faced by the Baloch national struggle in order to device feasible strategies to obtain the objective of the Baloch nation.

Conference Speakers
Dr. Inayatuallah Baloch
Baloch Writer (Germany)

Waja Akbar Barakzai
Baloch Poet (UK)

Dr. M. Hossein Bor
Baloch Writer (USA)

Mir Muhammed Ali Talpur
Baloch columnist (Pakistan)

Dr. Nasser Dasthi
Baloch writer (UK)

Waja Siddik Azad
Baloch poet (Sweden)

Dr. Nadir Baloch
Baloch linguist/researcher (Italy)

Dr. Lakhu Lohana
Sindhi leader and SWC Chairman (UK)

We request the attendance of all Baloch living in the UK and Europe.
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Brikbeck, University of London Map

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