Hunderds of thousands gather in Hyderabad and demand freedom of Sindh

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Hyderabad: Thousands gathered in Hyderabad yesterday on the call of Jeay Sindh Mutahida Mahaz (JSMM) in Hyderabad from across the Sindh to attend the “Sindh Wants Freedom” congregation on July 6, 2013.

The JSMM leader Shafi Burfat said in his speech through audio link that Sindh wants complete independence and international community including United Nations, Europe and West and the regional countries should help Sindh in seeking its freedom. The speeches made in the congregation demanded following:   
Sindh has historical and cultural right over the River Indus and its waters, therefore Sindh would not allow the commissioning of Dam, Barrages or any divergence structure by Punjab or any other nations. They demanded international intervention over the water rights violation of Sindh by the Punjab and undone the water usurping process.
The congregation declared Sindh’s national ownership and right over the all natural resources of Sindh, including coal, gas, petroleum, forests, coast, sea, fisheries, and the facilities like ports.
The immediate return of all illegal immigrants to their original provinces in Pakistan and countries of origin was also demanded in the event. They slammed state conspiracy to convert Sindhis into minority in their own province.
Immediate stopping the commissioning of Zufiqarabad Port in Sindh was also one of the key demand of the participants.
Interference of intelligence agencies in the academic institutions of Sindh was demanded that included the removal of forces from the schools and hostels of academic institutions in order to provide a free and safer environment to the students.
They also demanded the stopping construction of Madarsahs and settling outsider religious extremist Mullahs in Sindh. They said that these are against the historical national traditions, culture, and customs of Sufism, secularism, non-violence in Sindh.
They also demanded to stop imposing ban over the political parties, institutions, publications.
They also elaborative talked about the restoration of historical national identity and sovereign status of Sindh along with economic and political independence of Sindhi nation from Punjabi occupation.
They demanded international human rights bodies to take action and take notice of heinous human rights violations through abducting, torturing and brutally killing the Sindhi and Baloch nationalist activists by the intelligence agencies as well as armed forces of Pakistan.
They also slammed establishment’s conspiracy to hinder the modern nation formation in Sindh between Sindhi and Urdu speaking population.
They demanded the immediately stopping the storage and dumping of modern atomic, chemical, nuclear weapons in the tunnels dig in the western mountainous areas of Sindh adjacent to Baluchistan i.e.Qamber Shahdadkot, Sehwan, Jamshoro, which pose a serious threat to the environment and biological processes of our territory and existence of life in the region.

They also demanded that small and big cantonments established by Punjabi Army to extend its imperialism over Sindh must be taken-off. They said that they consider these cantonments as enforced imperialism, colonialism, and occupation of Punjabi Army over our territory.  

Courtesy: Rights & Movement

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