Baloch nation has realized they have no choice but to struggle: Mama Qadeer

VBMP Qadeer NasrullahBALOCHISTAN: The hunger strike camp of families of Baloch missing persons entered in 1197th day. A delegation of Balochistan Student Organisation – Azaad (BSO-Azaad) Shaal zone visited the camp to express solidarity with the tormented families.

The delegation said that the liberation struggle of Balochistan is at full swing, more than 17000 Baloch have gone missing whereas around 1200 have been killed and dumped. We can proudly say that with each coming day the days of our slavery are decreasing as the struggle has enriched Baloch nation with consciousness.

They added that Pakistan has realized they cannot suppress Baloch for too long that is why it is using all its might to crush the Baloch struggle, but the Baloch nation has resolved that they will not tremble in this way no matter what happens.

The Vice Chairman for Voice For Baloch Missing Persons, Mama Qadeer Baloch, said that the Baloch nation has realized that they have no choice but to struggle for the liberation of Baloch nation. Our sons, brothers and relatives have given their lives for our betterment and now it is our responsibility to continue their caravan.

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