Pakistani security forces abducted more than 30 persons in past two weeks: Baloch National Voice

PakistanarmysecurityconvoyPPIBALOCHISTAN: The Baloch National Voice in a statement, on Monday, said Pakistani military has intensified their crack-down against innocent Baloch people in Shahrag and Nisk areas of Balochistan after the attack on Ziarat residency. “Over thirty Baloch have been arrested and shifted to unknown locations in past two weeks alone,” said the BNV.

The Baloch National Voice in their press release further said that after the attack on Jinnah’s Residency in Ziarat Pakistani forces have started a crackdown against Baloch populations in Harnai, Shahrag and Nisk area of Balochistan and abducted several innocent persons.

The statement of BNV read that, “The FC has set up new check points where they are harassing people in the name of security check up. Life has been made difficult for Baloch and local Pashtuns, who sympathise with the Baloch people, in these areas. State atrocities are on the rise and over 30 people have been arrested and taken to unknown locations.”

According the BNV so far the security forces have abducted Gula Khan Marri, Kalay Marri, Babo Raza Sumalani, Bijjar Marri, Paizo Marri and several other people from Marri and Sumalani Baloch tribes and some local Pashtuns have also been abducted.

The BNV alleged that along with Pakistani security forces a Pashtun Political Party was also playing an important role in abductions of Baloch youth in the area.

“We urged this fascist Pashtun party to stop playing in the hands of Pakistan ISI and military. Baloch have always respected the Pashtuns and have had friendly relations with their neighboring Pashtun brothers but this Fascist Pashtun Party is trying to damage the Baloch and Pashtun relations by dancing to the tune of Islamabad and Lahore,” said the BNV.

Courtesy: Baloch Warna

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