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The flag bearers of justice have restored to a dead silence in Balochistan: BNM

BNM protest

BALOCHISTAN: Women of the Baloch National Movement (B.N.M) on Saturday staged a protest demonstration outside Quetta press club against the appearances of mutilated dead bodies  and violation  of human right in Balochistan.

The protesters were holding banners and place-cards inscribed with various slogans. They chanted   slogans against the state institutions and called upon the international human rights organizations to take   notice of the human rights abuse in Balochistan.

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Video Confession of a Pakistan Army Target Killer in Balochistan


BALOCHISTAN: On February 19, 2013, Pakistan Army backed Tehreek Nifaz Amn’s terrorists had to run for their lives after a foiled attempt of attack on BLA Freedom Fighters. This led to capture of Irfan Ganguri, most wanted Target Killer and right hand of deadly terrorist Shafiq Mengal.

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COMMENT : Mirages and illusions — Mir Mohammad Ali Talpur

A ‘political government’ is too lofty a word for the set-up that is subservient to the wishes of the army and FC and does not even have the spine to condemn the very recent killing of seven Bugtis 

Mir Muhammad Ali TalpurDr Abdul Malik claims his government is developing a ‘Balochistan Strategy Paper’ to outline political and economic problems and suggest remedies. If nothing else, it will certainly devote a special chapter to methods for creating smokescreens and pretexts for the continuing ‘dirty war’ against the Baloch, which has already claimed more than 700 victims in the last three years. The Human Rights Commission of Pakistan (HRCP) mission, headed by Asma Jehangir, recently visited Balochistan and as if to thumb their nose at HRCP, the security forces massacred Bugtis near Sui. Asma Jehangir talking to the press said, “While the HRCP was in Balochistan, seven young men were picked up from Mathh area of Dera Bugti by the FC, and subsequently summarily executed. Reportedly, their mothers were callously told to take a good look at the faces of their sons, as that would be their last opportunity to do so.” She also said: “The security forces and the intelligence agencies will hurt the democratic process and further alienate people from the state if they continue with their oppressive policies. Law and order is dismal. Citizens are living in perpetual fear. They have no security of life and indignity at the hands of the security forces is routine.” Regarding sectarian killings, she said: “Sectarian militants operate with impunity.”

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