Enforced disappearances on rise in Balochistan: 320 abducted and 80 killed in last six months: VBMP

VBMP Qadeer NasrullahBALOCHISTAN: The chairmen of Voice for Baloch Missing Persons, Nasrullah Baloch, and Vice Chairman, Mama Qadeer Baloch, presented a report about state violation of human rights and kill & dump policy. According to which at least 320 Baloch have been abducted by Pakistani security agencies whereas 80 previously abducted Baloch have been killed under custody of Pakistani intelligence agencies. At least 30 others have been abducted during military operations. The officeholders of VBMP were talking to journalists during a press conference in Quetta Press Club on International Day in support of torture victims on 26 June 2013.

They further said that the families of missing persons are going through enormous trauma. The abductions have twofold effect; one the torture inflicted on the missing persons in torture cells and the other being the process of mentally torturing the family members.

“The bodies found this year had their internal organs removed by Pakistani forces,” they said about the condition of tortured and bullet riddled bodies.

They added that students, journalists, doctors and teachers are targeted only because they raise voice against state brutalities. Military operations are continuing in different parts of Balochistan, which has brought the daily life to a standstill in several towns of Balochistan. Many Baloch have been forced to flee their native areas due to military operations. Killings of political activists are also continuously rising at alarmingly high rates.

“The journalists and humanitarian organizations are not allowed to work freely in Balochistan,” Mama Qadeer Said.

He said these are grave forms of human rights violations and we demand the International humanitarian organizations and International community to immediately take notice of Baloch genocide and play their role in stopping these brutalities.

Courtesy: Baloch Warna

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