Determination is the driving force to achieve the objectives: Mama Qadeer Baloch

BALOCHISTAN: 5ec5dd81-5d30-a451A delegation of Baloch National Movement – Shaal visited the hunger strike camp of families of Baloch missing persons to show solidarity on 1185th day of the camp

The delegation said that the blood of martyrs is a gift to Baloch nation that has introduced the Baloch struggle on international platform and because of it the Baloch struggle is widely known today. Many countries have supported the struggle of Baloch people.

They added that thousands of Baloch have sacrificed their lives by abandoning the comforts of their homes and becoming part of the struggle. Nearly 17 thousand Baloch are currently languishing in Pakistani torture cells. It is the part of struggle and those in torture cells are basically fighting this struggle.

“Hundreds who were murdered in Pakistani torture cells have given a direct message to the Baloch nation that they sacrificed for a free country and not for some petty rights or positions in government,” the BNM delegation said.

They said that Pakistani forces have snatched the children of mothers and the brothers of sisters. Each family is going through dreadful grief. The callous forces have not shuddered in killing youngsters as well as elders as old as Nawab Akbar Bugti.

The vice chairman of Voice For Baloch Missing Persons said that determination is the driving force to achieve the objectives. The sacrifices are just a method to pay the debt towards motherland.

Courtesy: Bygwaah

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