BRP organizer house in Noshki attacked by Pakistani state forces

brpflagBALOCHISTAN Jun 17: The central spokesperson of Baloch Republican Party (BRP) Sher Muhammad Bugti in a statement said that Pakistani forces attacked the house of BRP district Noshki organizer Ameer Muhammad Baloch on Sunday night, June 16, 2013.

He further said Pakistani occupying state forces have accelerated their Baloch genocidal policy to keep their control over Balochistan.  

Last night in Noshki, Pakistani security forces violating the sanctity of house and woman folk attacked the house of their district organizer, Ameer Mohammad Baloch he said. The state forces severally tortured and harassed his family members and looted the valuables of his house. A nephew of Ameer Mohammad Baloch was badly tortured, his arms and legs were broken and left unconscious by the forces during the attack on his house.

During the siege of the area many other houses of Baloch civilians were also raided, looted and residents were harassed during the state forces terrorism in Noshki.

Elaborating on the Pakistani atrocities he said, it is a wishful thinking of the demoralized Pakistani forces that distressing and terrorizing ordinary Baloch people they can stop the movement of liberation.

He appalled to United Nations and international human rights organizations to take notice of Pakistani state atrocities in Balochistan and play their vital role in saving the Baloch nation from Pakistani barbarism.

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