Baloch freedom movement needs a durable and strong alliance: Baloch Salvation Front

VBMP camp Quetta

BALOCHISTAN: The protest of Voice for Baloch missing Persons entered 1176th day on Friday. A delegation of Baloch Salvation Front visited the protest camp of the abducted Baloch persons and assured their full support to them.

The delegation of BSF said that Baloch nation was facing a war like situation. “The discovery of mutilated bodies of previously missing persons, targeting killing of pro-freedom activists by state backed death squads and attacking the houses of Baloch activists have become a regular practice of the state forces. They also often threaten the family of abducted Baloch and martyrs,” said the BSF delegation.

They stressed that unity and tolerance were the need of hour for the Baloch nation, adding that it was not time of heroism and following personalities. The lack of political awareness on surface is due to intolerance and disunity, the delegation stated.

They said the state was killing Baloch political activists in custody and dumping their bodies away in deserted areas across Balochistan.

The delegation further said that state’s handpicked people through sham election were trying to harm Baloch freedom Baloch activists. “The Baloch national struggle needs a strong pro-freedom political front or an alliance,” the BSF said.

The Vice chairman of Voice for Baloch Missing Persons, Qadeer Baloch, told the delegation that we have to abandon heroism and personal favourism. He further said that political criticism and correctness are part of politics and if people had not tolerated criticism they would stay at their home.

“The real problem of Baloch nation is slavery and we have to get rid of it. Personal grudges will damage the struggle and benefit the enemy,” said Qadeer Baloch.

Coutesy: Baloch Wanan / BUC News

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