4 days of Dr. Malik Gov.; 8 bodies of Baloch missing person found in Balochistan

BalochistanMapBALOCHISTAN: Three more bullet-riddled bodies of Baloch missing persons were found in Balochistan on Wednesday(12 June 2013). Two of the bodies have identified whereas the identity of one the body could not be ascertained immediately.

According to details on a tip-off the police found a body near Gazgi area in main city of Khuzdar. The SHO of the city Police station in Khuzdar confirmed that the police have been informed on Wednesday morning that a boy was spotted near Gazgi areas of Khuzdar.

The police have taken the body to their custody and shifted it to Divisional Headquarter Hospital where the body was identified as that of Mir Gull, a resident of Kharan area of Balochistan. The doctors said that deceased had been killed from a point-blank range few hours before his body was found.

The corpse has been handed over to relative of the deceased after fulfilling legal formalities.

Another body was found on Sakran road in the industrial town of Hub, close to Karachi when locals informed the police. Post-mortem report said the deceased, who was presumably in his 40s, had been shot in the head. The body is reportedly a few months ago.

The body has been kept in a morgue and the identity of the victim could not be ascertained so far.

A third body was found at the precincts of Turbat Cultural centre in Turbat town of Balochistan. The deceased has been identified as Hasil Khan Son of Malang. He was reportedly a resident of Kalatuk Nok Kehn area of Turbat.

It is worthy mentioning here that Dr. Malik Baloch took oath as Chief Minter of Balochtan on 9 June and on the same day 5 mutilated bodies of previously abducted Baloch were found. In four days of his government now total of 8 bodies of Baloch missing persons have been found.

FROM BEFORE: Two mutilated and acidified bodies that were found near Turbat on 28 May 2013 still could not be identified. According hospital sources acids were splashed on their faces due to which it has become difficult to identify them.

Courtesy; Baloch Warna

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