JSMM plans ‘congregation’

shafi-burfatHYDERABAD, June 10: A banned Sindhi nationalist organisation, Jiye Sindh Muttahida Mahaz (JSMM), has said it plans to hold a congregation in the city on July 6 on the issue of “freedom of Sindh”, in order to present what it called “the national case of Sindh and its fundamental agenda to the United Nations, human rights organisations and international community”.

JSMM chairman Shafi Mohammad Burfat said in a statement that the purpose of the congregation was to highlight the ideology of G.M. Syed for regaining ideological and economic interests of Sindh and to “strive for freedom, justice, coexistence, global peace”.

The statement further claimed that JSMM feels its core responsibility towards establishment of global peace and harmony in the light of teachings of Syed. “We think that the survival of Sindhi nation and freedom of Sindh bear a significant importance in the establishment of global peace and prosperity because survival of humanity is dependent on it.

“That’s why we are holding this national congregation to declare this state in a clear words that if our demand of restoration of rights, justice and freedom are left unheard and if this system of adverse state oppression over Sindhi nation is given a free hand then we, the JSMM, reserve the right to decide the right mode of struggle”, the statement said.

“And if our historical national rights are still denied JSMM will formulate vast counter-strategies and will declare a clear roadmap of political struggle for the restoration of historical national and political rights.”

The statement said JSMM would show its political strength and power by gathering scholars, intellectuals and civil society of Sindh across the roads and streets of Sindh.

The statement further said JSMM would lead a vast, disciplined, strong and collective civil non-cooperation movement to check atrocities against Sindhis.

At the same time the JSMM leader’s statement has given a set of conditions and demands of the organisations, which it says should be noted by the UN and all other international organisations.

JSMM has been struggling for the past many years for what it calls a “just campaign” for the “independence of Sindh”. However, the government says the orgnaisation has been allegedly involved in violent activities, and it declared it a proscribed organisation last year.

Courtesy: Dawn.Com

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